Our Apologies to the Non-Continental US

By Carlton Hoyt, 08 October 2019

Since Laboratory Supply Network's inception, we have very customer-friendly shipping policies. We offer flat-rate shipping based on order value, regardless of how large or heavy the item is, to anywhere in the US. While we're still going to be maintaining that policy on as many stores as possible, we are unable to continue offering that on our,, and stores.

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We Now Charge California Sales Tax. Here's Why.

By Carlton Hoyt, 03 July 2019

We don't like taxes any more than anyone else. Unfortunately for many, last year's South Dakota v. Wayfair decision by the United States Supreme Court meant that more companies are going to have to charge state and local sales taxes in more jurisdictions. A number of factors have made us come to what we consider an unfortunate but necessary decision to begin collecting CA sales tax. Here's why we're doing it:

  1. We already had a number of suppliers that charged us sales tax to ship to various jurisdictions, and we simply ate the cost. The number doing so in California are increasing rapidly.
  2. Many institutional customers' require that they can show they are paying sales tax in order to avoid having to pay it themselves. If we don't collect it, and therefore don't bill it, tax is being double-paid. The customer is still liable to pay it, and additionally we're being charged it by our suppliers.
  3. We're right on the cusp of being legally liable to do so anyway, just based on our own sales volume. While here in New Hampshire we do have a bit of that "live free" mentality, for business purposes it's best to remain above board.

Here in New Hampshire we have no sales tax, so we're still figuring all this stuff out ourselves. We apologize to any of our customers in California who will be disappointed by the new laws. We liked it better when "tax nexus" was determined based on physical presence but hey - we don't make the rules.

As always, if you have any questions about past, present, or future business with us, just drop us a line.

Small Changes to Shipping Rates

By Carlton Hoyt, 19 June 2017

We've updated our shipping rates. Rates for all US customers have been rounded down.

For the US, the rates are now:

$0 - $999 $19
$1000 - $1999 $12
$2000 or more Free

Sorry, Canada, but we're still not shipping freezers to you [yet].

Phone Numbers Now Required for Online Orders

By Carlton Hoyt, 24 February 2017

We respect your privacy. As someone who gets a ton of spam email, I totally get it. Likewise, I understand that you may be reluctant to give your phone number to a company that you don't think needs it, and up until now we haven't required it. However, freight companies do.

Being large, heavy objects, just about all of the refrigerators, freezers, and cryogenic storage equipment on ships freight, and the drivers need to be able to get in touch with you should there be a problem or they have a question regarding delivery. We were previously allowing our customers to exclude a phone number and using our own in its stead, but we found this to be inefficient. It's simply too slow trying to get in touch with people via email while a delivery is waiting.

This probably isn't a big deal to most of you, but we value your privacy and want you to know that we're not collecting any data that we don't need. Furthermore, we don't use your telephone number for marketing purposes and would never sell your information. At the time of writing, phone numbers are still not required on any of our other laboratory equipment marketplaces.

That's all. Just wanted to keep you - our customers - in the loop regarding any decisions which effect you. Has Arrived!

By Carlton Hoyt, 14 March 2016

If you're looking for a refrigerator or freezer for your laboratory, you've come to the right place! We're brand new (we literally just launched today) and we already have a huge range of over 200 laboratory refrigerators and freezers for you to choose from - and at great prices! We'll be adding a lot more in the coming weeks as well, so if you can't find something you need, just ask.

We at Laboratory Supply Network have created specifically to make it easier for you to find the right lab freezer or refrigerator based on your needs. Poke around and check out our navigation and menus which help you laser-focus on products based on your requirements. Our mission here is to offer a better, faster, and easier experience when selecting and purchasing laboratory refrigeration.

If you've bought from one of our other marketplaces before, you already know about our great, flat-rate shipping prices (never more than $25 - even to Canada!) and our free shipping on orders over $2000. It stands to reason that we would increase our shipping rates since refrigerators and freezers are awfully big and heavy ... but we're not. Live in Alaska or Nunavut? We'll still ship you an ULT freezer (or anything else) on the cheap! And our shipments are carbon neutral!

As with all our marketplaces, we make getting a quote easy as well. You can simply add products to your cart and click the "create a quote" link under the checkout button.

If there's anything that we can help with, don't hesitate to contact our support team. Happy shopping!