ABS Standard Hazardous Location Refrigerator

Category Explosion-Proof Refrigerators & Freezers
Manufacturer American BioTech Supply
Country of manufacture the United States of America

Standard Hazardous Material Storage (Explosion Proof) Refrigerators Meet NFPA and OSHA guidelines for Hazardous Locations, Class 1, Division II, Group C & D. These units are engineered for use in environments where volatile / explosive conditions could potentially exist. They are not intended for common lab / room environments that are not designed to be explosion proof (see Flammable Material Refrigerators). Units are designed with no internal electrical components and all external components are sealed per NFPA and OSHA guidelines.

Units must be hard wired in conduit to 120VAC power source. Power cords with plugs are NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  • One solid swing door, right hinged, not reversible
  • Mechanical thermostat sealed in UL listed explosion proof box
  • Adjustable operating temperature range: 1°C to 10°C
  • Shelving (see specifications for more details)
  • Keyed door lock
  • Magnetic door gasket for positive seal
  • Stainless steel door handle
  • Leveling legs
  • White textured cabinet and door
  • High density urethane foam cabinet and door insulation
  • CFC-free refrigerant, foam insulation and packaging
  • Cycle defrost
  • Not equipped with line cord and plug; must be hardwired in conduit
  • to 120 VAC power source
  • 115V, 60Hz
  • UL/C-UL listed
  • One year parts and labor warranty
  • Meet NFPA and OSHA guidelines for hazardous locations, Class 1, Division II, Group C & D.
  • These units are not intended for use in general clinical or research laboratories.

NOTE: American Biotech Supply refrigerators and freezers are manufactured at the time the order is placed then go through extensive testing to ensure quality. A lead time of approximately 3 weeks should be expected.

Key Features
Min. Temperature 1-10°C
Cubic Feet 30
Alarms Yes
Controls Digital
Defrost Autocycle
Electrical 115V, 60 Hz
Warranty (years) 1
Weight (lb) 393
Width (in) 35 ¾
Depth (in) 35
Height (in) 77 ½
Manufacturer Specifications
30 Cu. Ft. 
Three adjustable shelves
35 ¾"W x 35"D x 77 ½“H
115V, 60Hz, 6 Amps, 1/3 HP
393 lbs.

What is the difference between a "Hazardous Location" freezer and an "Explosion-Proof" refrigerator?

Only the name. There is no technical difference. The certification that the refrigerators have is the same, and they are both designed to prevent the combustion of volatile vapors both inside and out.

We suspect that the decision to call them "hazardous location" rather than "explosion-proof" was one made by a lawyer. After all, if you used explosives, you could undoubtedly blow up an "explosion-proof" refrigerator. Don't try it, though.

Are the American Biotech Supply Hazardous Location Refrigerators also suitable for flammable materials storage? 

Yes. The ABS Hazardous Location Refrigerators are designed to be completely spark-free inside and out and all electrical components are sealed.


What is the weight capacity of each shelf?

The weight capacity of each shelf is 50 pounds when evenly distributed. If the weight is not evenly distributed, the weight capacity will be less.


The product description says that the temperature is adjustable, but also that the thermostat is "sealed in UL listed explosion proof box." Will I be able to get into the box to adjust the temperature?

Yes, you can open the box and change the setting. This will not affect the warranty or the explosion proof properties of the unit as long as you properly close the box (which means not cross-threading the lid and tightening it appropriately).


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