So-Low Platinum Series Ultra-low Chest Freezers

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Manufacturer So-Low
Country of manufacture the United States of America

The Platinum Series comes with an advanced PID control system. With a 4.3" color touch screen operating interface with embedded SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and LAN features. Chest style Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers are designed for a variety of uses including shrink fitting, and ultra cold storage of product down to -85°C. Freezer Sizes range from 3 to 27 cubic feet capacities.

Manufactured in Cincinnati Ohio, So-Low Ultra-Low -85°C freezers are produced with high quality craftsmanship, heavy-duty materials, and over 50 years of experience. These freezers use a cascade refrigeration system, providing reliable and durable environmental conditions for your product’s vital temperature requirements. So-Low Ultra-Low freezers are available in wide variety of sizes and styles, to accommodate for each customers required conditions. Combined with our nation-wide service network, our Ultra-Low Freezers have various options for additional temperature recording devices, providing the highest level of quality temperature transcription.

So-Low's Superior Construction

Ultra low freezers have a 16-ga. exterior (cold rolled steel). Interiors are 14 gauge vs. competitions 16 gauge.Ultra low freezer interiors are galvanized, non-corrosive steel. Galvanized steel conducts temperature more efficiently than stainless steel. This creates less stress on compressors making them run cooler and longer.

So-Low's Digital Control

So-Low is the only ultra low temperature manufacturer to utilize a dual display digital temperature control. A red LED display indicates the actual interior chamber temperature while a green LED display located directly below the red display shows the actual setpoint temperature. This will give assurance that the freezer is operating at the correct temperature range whereas other manufacturer's temperature controls show only the actual temperature and not both the setpoint and actual temperature.

So-Low's Dependability

Laboratory professionals all over the world have recognized the dependability and efficiency of So-Low Ultra Low Freezers, the first to combine all of these performance features and deliver a level of quality construction, reliability and value unequaled anywhere in the world.Performance testing is your assurance of So-Low Ultra low freezers' dependability. Every freezer is fully tested under the most demanding conditions for seven days. The constant ultra-low setpoint operationg temperature is assured in warm temperature environments. Dependability is backed up by a 12 month warranty.Technical assistance is provided by a Nation-Wide-Network of service companies.

Please note: So-Low Ultra Low Freezers are manufactured at the time the order is placed and go through extensive testing before they are released. A 4-6 week lead time should be expected.

Some of the accessories/options available for this product are factory installed and must be purchased at the same time your So-Low freezer / refrigerator is ordered. Please add them to your cart with your freezer / refrigerator before checkout so that they may be included with the submission of your order to the manufacturer for installation during production.

Key Attributes
Min. Temperature -40°C to -85°C
Cubic Feet 3 to 27
Alarms Yes
Controls Digital
Defrost Manual
Electrical 115/60/1 - 208/60/1 - 230/60/1
Warranty (years) 1
Weight (lb) 400 to 950
Width (in) 34 to 98
Depth (in) 26 to 36.5
Height (in) 44 to 47


Manufacturer Specifications 
. PC85-3 PC85-5 PC85-9 PC85-12 PC85-14 PC85-17 PC85-22 PC80-27
Temp Range:

 -40°C to -85°C

 -40°C to -80°C


3 Cu ft / 83L

5 cu ft / 142L

9 Cu ft / 255L

12 Cu ft / 340L

14 Cu ft / 400L

17 Cu ft / 480L

22 Cu ft / 626L

27 Cu ft / 766L

Rack Capacity:









w x d x h:

34.5" x 26" x 47"

40.5" x 32.5" x 47"

58" x 29.5" x 47"

64" x 33" x 48"

72.5" x 34" x 48"

81" x 34.5" x 49"

98'' x 36.5'' x 44''

98'' x 36.5'' x 44'

w x d x h: 

24" x 12" x 18"

30" x 18" x 16"

46" x 16" x 20"

55" x 19" x 20"

62" x 20" x 20"

69" x 20" x 21"

67'' x 19'' x 30''

67'' x 23'' x 31''

Weight (lbs): 400 475 600 700 775 825 900 950
Temp Control Touch Screen control, Displays set point and chamber temperature, Hi/Low Alarm W/ Email and SMS notification, Alarm Relay Dry Contacts, Power Failure Dry Contacts, Battery Back-up, Viewable Temperature, graph, Data logging downloadable via USB or FTP, Multi-Level Security, VNC Remote Access via PC / smart devices
Alarm System Battery operated alarm system will emit an audible and visual signal when there is a mechanical or electrical failure. The alarm has an over and under temperature setting, alarm silencing switch. 
Remote Alarm Relay A relay for a remote alarm hook-up is also provided. 
Access Port N/A Mounted in left hand side of the cabinet will be a 1/2" porthole leading into the chilling chamber, complete with plugs.
Refrigeration System So-Low cascade type. Two hermetic compressors. CFC & HCFC free refrigerants.
Construction Chamber is 14-ga. zinc coated galvanized steel. Exterior is 16-ga. steel. Powder coated cool gray finish.
Voltages Available 115/60/1 - 208/60/1 - 230/60/1 - 220/50/1
Technical Support Supplied by Nation-Wide-Network of service companies.
ETL Electrical Approval

Are the Platinum Series Ultra-low Freezers UL listed?

No, but they are ETL listed, which is a similar marking from a different organization. Just like UL listing, ETL listing serves as proof of product compliance to North American safety standards in both the US and Canada.


If the gaskets need to be replaced, can we order replacement gaskets? Is installation of new gaskets a complicated procedure?

Yes, replacement gaskets are available. There are two gaskets - one in the lid and one around the body where the lid makes contact with it. Installing them requires use of a staple gun and adhesives. If you're handy, or you have facilities staff at your institution, you can likely install the replacements yourself.



What refrigerants are used in the So-Low Platinum Series Ultra-Low Chest Freezers?

404A in the high stage and 508B in the low stage.


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