Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers, also known as ULT freezers, are capable of achieving temperatures of -80°C or below. In other words, these are freezers capable of maintaining the lowest temperature ever recorded at the South Pole.

Cold enough to make you regain appreciation for your furnace.

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    Insulation panels and polyurethane foam enables low energy consumption and provides superior protection.
      $18,153 USD
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    The CryoCube F740 is designed to store more of your samples securely while maintaining optimal energy usage.
      from   $20,264 USD
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    Eppendorf Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Chest Freezers combine high storage capacity with energy saving.
      from   $20,597 USD
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    When it comes to maximizing sample storage capacity, Eppendorf Innova ULT freezers set the standard.
      $18,598 USD
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    With an advanced PID control system and 4.3" color touch screen. Down to -85°C in sizes 3 to 27 cu ft
      from   $8,969 USD