So-Low Ultra Low Mini-Freezers

Category Benchtop / Undercounter Freezers
Manufacturer So-Low
Country of manufacture the United States of America
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Ideal for Clinics, Research, Small Labs, Hospital Rooms, and Medical Clinics. 

Manufactured at our facility in Cincinnati Ohio, So-Low Mini freezers are produced with high quality craftsmanship, heavy-duty materials, and over 50 years of experience. These freezers provide reliable and durable environmental conditions for your product’s vital temperature requirements. So-Low Mini Freezers are available in wide variety of sizes and styles, to accommodate for each customers required conditions. Combined with our nation-wide service network, our Mini Freezers have various options for additional temperature recording devices, providing the highest level of quality temperature transcription.

So-Low is the only ultra low temperature manufacturer to utilize a dual display digital temperature control. A red LED display indicates the actual interior chamber temperature while a green LED display located directly below the red display shows the actual setpoint temperature. This will give assurance that the freezer is operating at the correct temperature range whereas other manufacturer's temperature controls show only the actual temperature and not both the setpoint and actual temperature.

Key Attributes
Min. Temperature -40°C to -85°C
Cubic Feet 0.25 to 3
Alarms Yes
Controls Digital
Defrost Manual
Electrical 115/60/1
Warranty (years) 1
Weight (lb) N/A
Width (in) 15.75 to 37.5
Depth (in) 25 to 28.5
Height (in) 26.25 to 32


Manufacturer Specifications
. MV85-1 MV85-2 MV85-3

Temperature Range:

 -60°C to -85°C

 -40°C to -85°C

 -40°C to -85°C


 0.25 Cubic ft. / 7 Liters

 2 Cubic ft. / 54 Liters

 3 Cubic ft. / 94 Liters





Inventory Rack Capacity:




Exterior w x d x h (inches):

 15.75" x 25" x 26.25"

 23" x 27" x 32"

 37.5" x 28.5" x 32"

Exterior w x d x h (cm):

 60 x 60 x 66

 58 x 68 x 81

 95.25 x 72 x 81

Interior w x d x h (inches):

 5.75" x 5.5" x 12"

 14" x 18" x 12.5"

 14" x 19.25" x 20.75"

Interior w x d x h (cm):

 15 x 14 x 31

 35 x 45 x 31

 36 x 49 x 53

Temperature Control Digital Control with two temperature displays. One display shows the set temperature, the other shows the actual temperature in the freezer.
Clearance The freezer should be placed with at least 4 inches of space on sides and back.
Alarm System Battery operated alarm system will emit an audible and visual signal when there is a mechanical or electrical failure.
Remote Alarm Relay A relay for a remote alarm hook-up is also provided.
Defrost Manual Defrost.
Insulation Polyurethane CFC Free.
Voltages Available 115/60/1
Technical Support Supplied by Nation-Wide-Network of service companies.

Are the So-Low ULT Mini-Freezers stackable?

Yes, there is a stacking frame available for each size which would make it stackable with a second unit of the same model. Please inquire for pricing and availability, as the stacking frame is a special order item.

Note that the units cannot ship stacked. You would need to stack the units on-site.


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