Automatic Backup System for So-Low Freezers

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Manufacturer So-Low

Designed to maintain the contents of your freezer during a power outage

Available in:

  • CO-2 automatic back-up system
  • Liquid nitrogen automatic back-up system

The items on this page are ONLY available as a factory-installed extra and must be purchased at the time your So-Low freezer / refrigerator is ordered.


How does the LN2 / CO2 backup system work?

You set a temperature at which you want the backup system to turn on. It will then turn on and attempt to maintain the setpoint temperature once the temperature hits the setpoint. If the freezer's compressor restores function (for instance, if it turned off due to a power failure and the power is restored) and the temperature drops back below the setpoint, the backup system will turn off.


Is the LN2 / CO2 backup system able to restore the temperature of the ULT freezer to the set point of the freezer (for instance, -80°C)?

No. The backup system does not know what the temperature of the freezer was set to. It only knows its own setpoint and what the current temperature of the freezer is. Since you would not set the backup system's trigger temperature to be equal to or near the setpoint temperature of the freezer (as that would cause the backup system to engage frequently and unnecessarily), it will not maintain the setpoint temperature when in operation.


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