Full-Size Freezers

Every full-size laboratory freezer we have available. This includes dual refrigerator / freezers.

How cold do our freezers get? Anywhere from regular cold to ethanol popsicles* cold. Use the handy filter menu if you're looking for a freezer that can hold a specific temperature.

(*We don't actually recommend making popsicles out of ethanol.)

  from   $5,995 USD
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    Eppendorf Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Chest Freezers combine high storage capacity with energy saving.
      $21,419 USD
  • On sale
    Microprocessor, Touch Screen controls, alarms, 30 cu ft, -15°to -25°C OR -27°to -33°C
    $15,132 USD   from   $12,069 USD
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    With an advanced PID control system and 4.3" color touch screen. Down to -85°C in sizes 3 to 27 cu ft
      from   $8,969 USD
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    With advanced PID control system, touch screen, SCADA and LAN features. -40°C from 3 to 27 cubic feet capacities.
      from   $8,222 USD
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    A variety of models for subzero storage of your sensitive lab material with innovative defrost system.
    $6,975 USD   from   $6,538 USD